V I E  is an organic product harvested, produced and distributed in Guatemala by an agronomist. She is a local entrepreneur who promotes a healthy lifestyle and is aware of the importance of carrying an integral, balanced and protein rich nutrition; I started the development of this project with the objective of making available to the Guatemalan market one of the wonders that the natural wealth of our country offer us. That wonder is "moringa".
I developed the visual identity and packaging of this powder supplement with the aim of providing an attractive, elegant and sophisticated product that can be distributed and sold in a local market of high quality. My goal was to positioning itself as a product for gourmet use at a competitive level and to distinguish it from the great quantity of organic products that are being produced in our country.
The selection of the color palette is very important in my creative process, this time trying to identify the product in a range of pastel tones that evoke cleanliness and freshness. Then, I designed a simple packaging in white matt laminate using the name V I E, which in French means “life”. The design of the isotype is an abstraction of the plant of the moringa that is characterized by being soft and having round leaves. The quantity and aesthetic distribution of the figure is related to the philosophy of the tree of life or integral human body that works in harmony with nature.