Paper Lady is a half blood girl, Guatemalan mother and Russian father. She is curious, delicate, intellectual, simple in its way of seeing life but with an exquisite taste in the small details. Compassionate, life loving and creative by nature. Captivated by the desire to serve and help the person that needs it. Determined, defender of just causes, of strong character but that radiates a tremendous and irresistible sweetness. An impeccable writer, especially of stories and biographies.
The design of the character was created to give life to one of the first boutique bookstores in Guatemala, during the process I had the opportunity to collaborate with super talented creatives, giving a sense of belonging and identity to the brand, we seek to recreate the actual physical space of Paper Lady within its context; an experience store designed with the senses.
Curious Facts
The script and the history of Paper Lady is completely unpublished and was inspired by one of my favorite Anastasia movies. I didn't  know that I was good at writing stories until I realized I had enough material to publish a book. Now I'm in the process of creating a blog and the editorial design of a comic that will be published monthly