Barrio Gerona is located very close to the center of Guatemala City and it is a place that faces different types of social conflicts in which children and women are affected mainly. The project seeks to strength the community relationship to provide different alternatives for economic development in the creative sector so people in the area can empower themselves.

We designed a mural inspired by the children of the neighborhood and their community dream, I had the opportunity to work with them in the creation of the shapes and the selection of colors to the intervention. By acting as a connector between neighbors, I wanted to show them the power of art to transform people life's so they can get motivated by action. The management of the event was very interesting, we announced it as an aid fair, all the volunteers attended the place with paint, brushes and construction tools looking to contribute. As a result, we completely renovated the façade of a building that housed more than 40 families who lost their homes in Hurricane Mitch.