I collaborate with ANDAR consulting team in the design of a Human Centered Research Methodology, as part of the georeferenced mapping process of providers of sexual and reproductive health services in Guatemala.
We identify the key actors at the community level, who have a high level of incidence in the territories, as well as other actors who have presence and coverage with their work at the regional and national level to then define categories that allow the groups to be organized in a homogeneous way focal points and facilitate a dialogical communication process that would make dissent possible in a respectful and cordial manner.
I was in charge of conducting focus groups to obtain information from key stakeholders, later we did the analysis of results in collaboration with Gabriela Tumax, Fernanda Enrriquez and Rosi Alvarez and finally I designed the report and visualization of qualitative results.
The report below presents a synthesis of the knowledge, opinions and proposals of key actors working in the prevention and care of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis and in sexual and reproductive rights.